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August 24, 2004

This just in ...

... from the purveyor of fine reading materials to the Captain, a travel guide to California with seven hundred and thirty six pages choke-full of travelling advice for next month's trip to the Golden State, stoking anticipation!

Meanwhile, here is a graphic illustration of the reason for the cancellation of tonight's grillfest, a.k.a. BBQ:


Anonymous said...

I'm grillin' in the rain,
just grillin' in the rain...
what a glorious feeling -
I'm happy again!

24/8/04 14:08  
Chris said...

Hey, you don't have to come, you know?! ;-) Who's that anyway?

Btw, the sun is shining again now ... what's this, April in August or what?!? Grrr!

24/8/04 14:46  

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