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"A weblog is a frequently updated web site where the content is often in reverse chronological order." (Mena Trott)
It contains a perfectly random assortment of thoughts, ideas, references and complaints, and they are all mine! (CD)

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Name:Christian Dreyer

This About Me section is pretty much redundant, since i) I am a complicated person, consequently ii) there is nowhere near enough space, and iii) you can form a mental profile of me from what I want you to be able to know about me by way of the blog posts. So there!

August 26, 2004


q.e.d. in der Tat, und zwar sowohl direkt wie im übertragenen Sinne. Danke an den Tobistar für diese vermutlich unfreiwillige Stilblüte!

P.S. Noch belangloser: Ich ziehe hx vor!


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